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Dan Gilbert Offers To Buy Every Jail, Plus Some Other Stuff

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Today, Dan Gilbert's people will make an offer to buy the downtown Fail Jail site, giving Wayne County officials an escape from the over-budget, $120M pile of cement they've created. But there is more. As there's no point in buying the jail if the two old jails next door will remain, Gilbert is offering to buy up EVERYTHING. He wants the Fail Jail. He wants the old jails. He wants the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, and he wants Wayne County to toss in some juvenile detention facility nearby. According to the Detroit News, the offer will be presented with his plan for the site, described as a "mixed-use retail, entertainment, residential and office development that would serve as a gateway to downtown from the east."
· Gilbert's Rock Ventures to offer to buy stalled Wayne Co. jail site [Det News]

Fail Jail

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