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Silverdome Ownership Aspires to Own Equally Useless Jail

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Downtown Fail Jail might be a disaster for Wayne County, but the $120M monument to idiocy has become a hot commodity on the free market. Dan Gilbert's push for Greektown 2.0 faces no fewer than four competing bids, one of which comes from Triple Properties — the bargain hunters that scored the Penobscot Building for a mere $5M last year. What really makes Triple a serious contender? They own the mother of all useless properties: the Pontiac Silverdome. If there was a real estate equivalent to a "yo mama" joke, it would be something like, "Your property is sooo useless, its entire roof collapsed and no one cared." The remaining bidders include a Miami company specializing in correctional facilities, an Ohio auction house, and an MSU anthropology professor.
· Penobscot Owners Among 5 Interested in Jail Site [Freep]

Penobscot Building

645 Griswold Street, , MI 48226

Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI