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Detroit Blight Authority Now Clearing 14 Brightmoor Blocks

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Anyone need a boat? If so, head to Brightmoor -- the Detroit Blight Authority has found 14 of them. After all that pointless secrecy as to what neighborhood they'd target next , the DBA has surfaced in Brightmoor. They're targeting 14 blocks (about 500 lots) for blight extraction, which is a bit more ambitious than their innaugural 10-block effort near Eastern Market. It's also more, um, blighty: this area of Brightmoor is a favorite for illegal dumpers. The DBA claims to have gathered 70,000 lbs of garbage, and they haven't even started demolishing the houses yet (they're waiting on more funding). But, as everyone knows, the official measurement of any Detroit cleanup is in tires removed. Currently, the DBA has found 200 of them.
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