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Woodward Gardens Apartments Nearing the Home Stretch

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[December 2012 compared to July 2013]

Woodward Gardens is all grown up! It was just last summer that the project was nothing more than a sad dirt patch. Ten months later and we've got a monstrous residential box on track for completion near the end of the year. According to Model D's recent refresher, we know that the Gardens will bring overcrowded Midtown 52 one-bedroom units in the 600-700 square foot range, with 7 two-bedrooms and a couple studios. There is also talk of bamboo floors and in-unit laundry machines. Here to kill our buzz are the ground floor commercial spaces, where Model D says developers talking with Just Baked (a cupcake shop) and Chase Bank, which might be looking for a new home after its old branch was demolished make room for Whole Foods. Only time will tell, but considering how fast this project came to life, we shouldn't have to wait much longer.

· Woodward Gardens Block Development on track to be completed by end of 2013 [Model D]

Garden Theater Redevelopment

3929 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI