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Silverdome Owners: Jail Site Should be $1B Arena Development

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The incredible debacle we've been calling Fail Jail has evolved into something epic. Just last month, we were simply hoping Wayne County would give up on its aspirations to build a jail in downtown Detroit. Somehow, that's snowballed into well-monied developers pitching competing plans redevelop a massive swath of downtown Detroit. Dan Gilbert submitted his idea for a $500M entertainment district last week, but Triple Properties—owners of the Silverdome and Penobscot—have countered with their own plan costing over a BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, it involves yet another arena.

Triple's proposal one-ups Gilbert's in just about every way. While Gilbert wanted a new district focusing on entertainment, Triple wants a district anchored by a new Major League Soccer arena, something they've tried and failed to create with the Silverdome. Crain's Detroit explains:

Along with the stadium, the more than $1 billion development would include a 275,000-square-foot retail complex with high-end retailers and food courts, 1 million square feet of residential space including two towers, and 1.3 million square feet of office space and parking.Triple also wants more space than Gilbert, matching his offer to buy five county buildings, plus offering to buy the former Detroit Police Department Headquarters. From what we can tell, the Kahn-designed building would be demolished to make way for one of two massive residential towers.

Fail Jail

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