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Live in this Huge Corner Apartment Atop the Parkstone

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A rather unbelievable space is now available at the Parkstone Apartments, West Village's anchoring high-rise. Head through the building's elegant lobby and grab an elevator to the 11th floor, where you'll find a two-bedroom, 1,250-square-foot apartment renting for just $1,100/month, utilities included. Originally two separate units, the apartment boasts two full bathrooms and an impressive amount of closet space. Best of all? The view. Being a lone high-rise in a neighborhood, the views of downtown's skyline and the east side's leafy canopy are unbeatable.
· $1100 / 2br - 1250ft² - 11th Floor Views [Craigslist]

Parkstone Apartments

1415 Parker, Detroit, MI 48214