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CPA Building Gets Huge Price Chop, But is it a Sham?

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Despite Corktown's tendency to remodel just about any commercial building, one of the 'hood's best structures continues to deteriorate. We're talking about the CPA Building, which actually has some interesting news: once asking $1M, the building's ask has dropped all the way to $500K. But wait! Before you start scoping your future loft location, know that 1) We've already called the entire top floor, and 2) The CPA has already fooled us once, and you know how that rhyme goes. Flashback to March 2012, when the CPA dropped its price from $1.4M to this familiar $500K price point. We were totally ready for a new boutique hotel, but we were CP-Played: the price chop was just an interest-generating stunt, and the ask shot up to $1M mere days later. Could this new price be for real?
UPDATE (7-30): OF COURSE it's not for real. Read on.
· Listing: CPA Building [Loopnet]

CPA Building

2238 Michigan Ave. , Detroit, MI