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CPA Building Again Wants $1M, Comes with Entire Block

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We've been keeping tabs on the CPA Building's list price for a while, so there was a bit of excitement when the online list price unexpectedly dropped from $1,000,000 down to $500,000. Did building owner Ray Kouza suddenly feel the urge to sell the building? Nope. The list is back up to $1,000,000, unless you're looking at the official Howard Schwartz Commercial Real Estate website, where it's listed for $900,000. Seeking some clarity, we talked to listing agent Ben Rosenzwieg to figure out just what the situation is.
According to Rosenzweig, the CPA's drop in price was an error on LoopNet's part, and has since been returned to $1M. The catch, however, is that the $1M price tag isn't just for the CPA, it's for the entire block. That means all the land between 14th and 15th streets, including the ruined auto parts store a few lots over.

If you're just looking for the CPA Building alone, that chops about $100K off the price tag. You don't need to be a real estate professional to know that $900K for the CPA probably isn't very realistic. What do you think it'll sell for, readers?
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CPA Building

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