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Century-Old Factory Now Shinola's Mesmerizing New Space

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[Photography by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Feast your eyes: Shinola's new flagship store has been unleashed upon Midtown. There's something a little bit crazy about renovating a 96-year-old automobile warehouse in Detroit to support high-end retail, bike manufacturing, event space, and a juice bar, but it works extremely well. Like their offices in the Taubman Center, Shinola did the 5,000-square-foot space justice, leaving the former warehouse's finishes relatively raw while adding comfort with leather furniture and blonde wood accessories. The company made clear that the storefront was meant to be a community "hangout" area, so there's no need to feel strange about lingering. Grab a juice from Drought, find a chair, and check out the amazing skylights above.
· Shinola [Official]

Willys Overland Lofts

444 W Willis St., Detroit, MI 48201