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Historic Tudor Hits Market With Ballroom and Formal Gardens

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A 1901 Tudor in Indian Hills sounds nice, right? There's one available now for $269,500, and it's not some crumbling ruin. According to the listing, the home's 17 rooms "have been transformed with the highest levels of comfort." According to the Freep, the this Tudor was designed by William Stratton, husband to Pewabic Pottery founder Mary Chase Perry Stratton. Says the Freep:

The Strattons were champions of the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the house is filled with the visible construction details that movement valued — oak beams, built-in bookcases, decorative woodwork, leaded glass. And, of course, the fireplace front is Pewabic tile, a staple of Indian Village houses. Check out the full profile at the Free Press, or bypass straight to the listing.