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Is Starbucks Coffee Opening a New Store at Campus Martius?

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Campus Martius frequenters are already looking forward to a Potbelly Sandwich Shop opening up in One Kennedy Square, but we're hearing Potbelly might be bringing a friend: According to a couple of tipsters, Campus Martius is getting TWO new chains, the other being STARBUCKS. You know, the coffee place? Mind you, Starbucks HQ has not yet responded to our pestering for confirmation. The rumblings say that Starbucks would open in about six months, setting up shop in One Kennedy Square with Potbelly and a branch of Central Michigan University. Please hit us up on the Tipline if you can confirm, deny, or see anything in Campus Martius that even vaguely resembles a topless mermaid.
UPDATE (1:08 PM): After receiving a few more reader emails claiming to have heard the same Starbucks chatter, Starbucks emailed us a statement: "At this time, we remain focused on serving the downtown Detroit communities at our existing stores and have no store-opening plans to announce."

One Kennedy Square

777 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226