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Wayne County Looks Ready to Give Up On Downtown Jail

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We're seeing some buzz on twitter from a Detroit reporter for Michigan Radio, Sarah Cwiek, that the over-budget half built jail is dunzo. We'll update this post as the story unfolds. The half-built mass of building is already $91M over budget . A previous report indicated that were the whole jail thing scrapped, Wayne County would probably end up selling the land to Greektown Casino, the very entity they bought it from in 2011.
UPDATE 3:25pm: There was indeed supposed to be an August 14 meeting in which Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano was to give a decision on the jail. So we're thinking this is now official. This follows a 60-day work stoppage on the project. UPDATE 3:36pm: Indications that the state will "take over" the jail site. Gov Snyder has expressed support for moving the jail to the vacant Mount Road facility.

UPDATE 3:53pm: Live stream of the meeting can be found here. Wayne County executive Robert Ficano has recommended that the whole jail thing be scrapped and sold to private developers.
UPDATE 4:25pm: Wayne County officials are getting grilled over what exactly it would cost to abandon the jail project ("everything doubles in Wayne County") and it's continually implied that there will be another meeting once the county can produce better numbers. Earlier today, Wayne County announced that, while they retain rights to build the jail, they had narrowed possible development proposals down to three. · Silverdome Owners: Jail Site Should be $1B Arena Development [Curbed Detroit]
· Wayne County Might Have to Admit It Can't Even Build a Jail [Curbed Detroit]

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