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Dan Gilbert's Miniature Detroit Creepily Illuminates His Empire

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UPDATE (8/15, 3:19PM): Previously, this post displayed an image posted to the Detroit News Facebook page showing of a model downtown Detroit found in the Compuware Building. The Detroit News asked us to remove the original image, but it can still be found at the link below.
Of course. Like many of the ultra-wealthy, Dan Gilbert appears to have a vaguely creepy, tangible representation of his empire. In this case, it's his real estate might. This photo popped up on the Detroit News Facebook page with the following caption: Detroit is Dan Gilbert's Toyland---literally. This impressive model of the city of Detroit sits on the 10th floor of the Quicken Loans offices inside the Compuware Building downtown. When Gilbert and his companies acquire a building, its model counterpart is lit up. With upwards of 20 buildings totaling more than seven million square feet, the model is quite bright. What's that monster doing to the poor Penobscot Building?
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