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Bates Garage Clings to Life as Demo Crews Chip Away Awning

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It's been about three weeks since workers began their assault on the Bates Garage, the derelict parking deck in downtown Detroit. Turns out, parking garage demolitions are a total snoozer and the dramatic hurling of cement we were hoping for probably isn't happening. Tipster Paul sent us these photos of the progress. From what we can tell, the garage has seen some interior walls smashed, the storefronts removed, and most of the exterior awning ripped away. No complaining, though! Good luck seeing the city tear down another one of these hulks during the next decade. If you DO see bulldozers playing catch with balls of mangled rebar, or happen to notice that the National Theatre simply isn't there anymore, Curbed would be delighted (or possibly horrified) to know about it.
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