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Kales Building Exterior Enjoying Masonry Repairs

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Sent to us by a tipster, this high altitude photo shows the Kales Building in the midst of itsnew paint job. Hopefully, the work is a good sign that the building's new ownership is willing to keep the place maintained at a high level. The Kales changed hands in June, when its original ownership defaulted on loans used to purchase and renovate the building roughly a decade ago. Someone mentioned recently in the comments that there were signs of life in the ground floor retail space once meant for Shield's Pizza. Since the Kales phone listed online has been disconnected, can anyone else confirm?
Correction (8-16, 3:10PM): The Kales is actually enjoying some masonry repairs, not a new coat of paint (painting the building's white brick would be a bad idea.) Apologies for the error.
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Kales Building

76 West Adams, Detroit, MI