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More Niches, More Problems: Help the GAR Castle Decide

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As the GAR Castle continues its meticulous renovation, designers have run into a problem: What should go in the building's four exterior niches? Yes, we know: RoboCop. Sadly, Robo isn't an option, as the building must remain historically accurate. The original building plans have been lost, but it's almost certain the the niches were built to hold statues of Civil War soldiers. The twist is that the GAR's original builders had very little cash to work with, and it's likely the statues never actually existed. The question is: Install new statues even though the building has never actually had any, or leave niches empty in order to be as historically accurate as possible?

Also, please head over to the GAR Blog and make your opinion known in the comments.

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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226