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Starbucks, Just Admit You're Coming to Campus Martius

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Starbucks Coffee was dismissive when we contacted them about rumors of a Campus Martius location, but there's now even greater evidence that the buzz is true. The info comes from Central Michigan University, which recently leased a space on the ground floor of One Kennedy Square adjacent to the spot Starbucks was rumored to have its eyes on. Ray Christie—VP of CMU's Global Campus program—is quoted by college newspaper CM Life: "The university will rent out most of the space, with a Starbucks coffee shop and a sandwich shop renting out the rest of it." So, unless the deal has fallen through since July 31 (the time of CM Life's article), Starbucks will join Tim Horton's and Roasting Plant in soaking the city's core with coffee.
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One Kennedy Square

777 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226