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Riverside Park Likely Won't Reopen 'til Late 2014

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Years after the removal of Matty Moroun's illegal fence around Riverside Park, the land below the Ambassador Bridge remains off-limits to the public. Sort of. Aside from a few signs warning not to enter, the park is just as "closed" as any other park in Detroit (people still use it, no one takes care of it). The closure is a lingering result of Moroun's attempts to seize the park for a twin span of his Ambassador Bridge. In attempting to convince the city to sell the land, he once commissioned a soil study hoping to find contamination. Eight feet underground, he did. While an independent study found the park to be safe ("Nobody's going to eat the dirt.") it likely won't open until the state finds it harmless. According to MLive, that probably won't happen until the end of 2014. Until then, expect the park to remain a dump.
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