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Fox Sports Rolls Aerial Image of Detroit's Skyline Taken in 2011

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While watching the Tigers play the Royals on Saturday night, Matt Snyder -- writer at the Motor City Bengals blog -- noticed something looked off. When the game cut to commercial at the end of the fifth inning, Fox rolled an aerial shot of Detroit's skyline that appear to have been taken about two years ago. What gave away that the shot wasn't live? Comerica Park's scoreboard, which lost the arched 'Tigers' text after the 2011 season. See any other obvious signs this image wasn't live? An obvious tell is that the Hotel Charlevoix is still standing, but that's too easy. Let us know what you see.
· Fox Slips In Old Aerial Shot In Saturday's Tigers Broadcast [Motor City Bengels]

Hotel Charlevoix

2029 Park Ave, Detroit, MI