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State Savings Bank Owner Files Petition For Demo

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Photographs by Michelle and Chris Gerard Photographers.

The Canadian developer that owns the State Savings Bank just can't make up his mind. Is his building a historic gem, or tear down meant to be a parking garage? Andreas Apostolopoulos has reversed his position again by filing a petition to demolish the building. Preservation Detroit is alerting the public that that petition is subject to a public hearing, which is scheduled for the next Historic District Commission meeting on Wednesday, August 14. Apostolopoulos dropped just $700K on the structure in 2012, and previously explained that a rumor about demo was a mistake by a reporter that did not understand his father's accent. "My father has a very thick accent, so maybe they misheard him," he told the Free Press. So here's hoping his father's accent has goofed again, and this is not for real.
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State Savings Bank

151 W Fort Street, Detroit , MI