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Go! Sy Thai Open for Business; Fatburger Still A Maybe

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Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWN — The last major storefront in the Auburn building has opened its doors this week. Go! Sy Thai, the first Detroit outpost of the poplar suburban Thai empire, offers traditional dishes in a fast-casual atmosphere. After a moderately long build-out period, their first day in business was Tuesday. While alcohol is not served in the corner storefront, Pad Thai and all its associated dishes are.

METRO DETROIT — At the ripe old age of one month, we here at Eater Detroit are more than ready to provide the first regular update of the Eater Heatmap. Looking for a place to eat right now? These 10 picks are the buzziest, busiest restaurants of the moment. Check out the map and get ready to eat well this weekend.

MEXICANTOWN — Finding traditional, neighborhood-favorite food in Southwest Detroit's bustling Mexicantown is a tall order. But WDET producer and neighborhood local Martina Guzmán knows just where to go for those tamales and taquerias. Her on-the-ground guide to the people and places of the area is a wonderful, warm read for those looking for unique cuisine choices this weekend.

CORKTOWNMotor City Wine, formerly of that small and uncomfortable space above downtown's Grand Trunk Pub, have officially decamped to the most media-friendly street in Detroit. (Read: Michigan Ave). Their soft-opening tonight features live jazz and a full roster of wine, and the good times will only continue to roll as they reformat their business in a new neighborhood and admittedly charming new space.

MIDTOWN — When will the city's first Fatburger open its doors? Not this week, is the only answer we have. An initially ambitious estimate on the part of local Fatburger developer Gary Shelton was scuttled while the space continues its buildout after a two-year financial delay. Shelton refused comment for a new opening target, but it probably won't be until the end of August.