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Finally, a Complete Attempt at Mapping Detroit's Neighborhoods

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Detroit has a new neighborhoods map over which to argue! Created by Alex Alsup of Loveland Technologies (the geniuses behind Why Don't We Own This), the above map was cobbled together using a variety of sources. Is it 100% accurate? Probably not, and Alsup doesn't need it to be. It simply needs to inspire conversation. Previous attempts at mapping the city's 'hoods (including the one Google Maps is based off of) have shied away from labeling uncertain areas. Not this one. Alsup essentially wanted to label the whole of Detroit in the most informed way possible, then leave it up to the public to throw their two cents in. We strongly encourage you to do so. Head over to Why Don't We Own This, where you can do everything from comment to draw your own neighborhood boundaries. Happy mapping!
· Why Don't We Own This [Official]