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Ottava Via Grand Opening; Restaurant Social Media 101

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CORKTOWN — The newest and most-Italian of buzzy Detroit restaurants, Ottava Via (that's Eighth Street for all you non-Italian speakers out there), is throwing open their doors and doubling their menu choices when they officially open this Saturday. The space has been open for business for quite a while now — and attracted a slew of positive and negative local reviews — but they go full open-open tomorrow, with all the bells and whistles that go with it.

MIDTOWN — With its newfound status as the city's unofficial meeting space, Great Lakes Coffee is heading into its second year of business with a maturity far greater than its age. Business partner and roast master James Cadairu has seen the cafe change and grow since their unlikely summer opening in June 2012, and he says there's only good things to come in the future. His wide-ranging conversation with Eater Detroit touched on the city as small business workshop, the real stories of Detroit and just how hard it is to convince people that there's food and alcoholic drink behind that coffee shop counter.

METRO DETROIT— The top four finalists in the 2013 Hatch Detroit Contest were given a quick public announcement this Monday, with the next round of voting for these finalists just a quick step forward on the journey to the $50,000 grand prize. Batch Brewing Company, Corktown Cinema, HenriettaHaus Coffee Roasters and Spielhaus Toys — three of which are food or entertainment related, of course — have until Wednesday, Aug. 28 to convince voters around the city to support their business plans. The contest warps up on Aug. 29 with a special Hatch-Off in the M@dison Building, with the winner announced that evening. The plans see these businesses opening up in neighborhoods already semi-saturated with their small business peers (Corktown and Hamtramck), but it's now up to the voters to decide.

CORKTOWN — Social media is a great tool for restaurant promotion and public engagement, but only when the people behind that engagement have warm feelings about the restaurant in question. Le Petit Zinc found out Thursday just exactly what happens when the social media keys are left out in the open, as an unnamed employee penned an angry rant against owner Charles Sorrel's wife, Karima, on the crêperie's Twitter and Facebook pages. The full Facebook post was quickly deleted, but the partial tweet remains live and present on the restaurant's feed. You are what you tweet, it seems.