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A Taste of the Tax Auction: 6 Foreclosed Properties to Ogle

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

It's nearly time for Tax Auction 2013, which is set to be Wayne County's biggest property auction of all time. The auction's first round begins Thursday, September 5, when foreclosed properties hit the auction block with minimum bids equal to their owed back taxes (more deets here). In anticipation, Curbed scoped out six foreclosed properties in various conditions and locations, bringing you a taste of what's to come.

439 E. Congress ?
This is definitely an auction gem. Home of the bar called Steve's Place, this Bricktown building is one of the few properties available downtown. With a minimum bid of $13,300, expect it to go in the first round.

312 Watson ?
This lonely house in Brush Park has gained a lot of attention pre-auction. A cameo in Low Winter Sun didn't hurt, either. While it may appear quaint, this 103-year-old home is listed at 2,700 square feet. First round bidding starts at $12,000.

1605 Glynn Ct ?
This Boston Edison house is a prime example of why Google StreetView is not a good way to scout auction properties. This one looks like it has potential when viewed through Google's cheery photos of 2011, but today it's a complete disaster. First round bidding starts at $14,900.

1835 Sycamore ?
The Maples apartment building has a solid location in North Corktown near a large park, and the fact that it still has occupants increases the likelihood there hasn't been major scrapping. That being said, buying occupied housing has its own set of challenges. First round bidding starts at $17,900.

3383 15th St ?
This little shanty was built in 1890, and last sold for $1,000 in 1988. Come auction time, however, its starting bid will be up at $7,600.

1625 Chicago ?
Built in 1906, this 6,600-square-foot giant looks promising. With a Boston Edison address, there's little doubt this house will inspire some competition come bidding time. First round bidding should start around $14,400.

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