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Strange, Nocturnal Activities Spotted at Pierson Building

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Tipsters are telling us of some nighttime action taking place at the vacant Pierson Building (sometimes called the School Building). It started on Tuesday, when we got this email:

Here's what we know:

· Last fall, the Pierson was for sale as part of a $4M package deal with the Kresge Building and 1217 Woodward. All were owned by Dennis Kefallinos.
· By December, it was reported that the buildings were under contract, though only the Kresge and 1217 Woodward have since been confirmed as Gilbert's. There's been no mention of the Pierson.
· When exploring the Claridge House Apartments earlier this summer, we ran into workers coming out of the Pierson's rear door. They told us the owner wasn't renovating, but doing some basic repairs to the interior.
· The most recent records available have Dennis Kefallinos as the owner.