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GAR Gossip: Graffiti, Storefronts, and Updates from the Castle

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[Above photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

STATUES — A couple weeks ago, the folks at Mindfield—the design company behind the GAR Castle's restoration—posed a question: Should the GAR's unused niches be filled with civil statues, or left empty? Of the 450 votes cast in our poll, 62.4% favored statues over emptiness. Mindfield has since whipped up this rendering of what statues would look like, though no final decision has been made.
GRAFFITI — Rumors that the GAR had been tagged turned out to be mostly false. According to David Carleton at Mindfield, only the blue privacy fence surrounding the building was tagged. Fortunately, the skateboarding perp was captured on film by DTE's security cameras and turned in.

"With flashlights in hand, we unscrewed the boards, crept up a narrow staircase to the sound of pigeon bones and decades of bird mess crunching underfoot."The space is RIDICULOUSLY cool, but won't be available to the public. The heating/cooling system will take up much of the room. Turns out, castles aren't the easiest places to install air conditioners.

The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226