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[UPDATE] A Prime Corktown Listing Sells

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This two bedroom in prime Corktown came on the market in June for $154,900, but just recently took a little off the ask. Now at $139,900, the 1,632 square foot home is looking like a better deal, though still not as lovely as this Corktown home of a similar size that went for $150 K. The exterior seems to be begging us for a fresh coat of paint, but certainly decent listings in this part of Corktown are rare, so we're betting it will see some offers. The hardwood floors and back deck are certainly helping the overall appeal.
UPDATE: 1:35 pm We're just received a call from a buyer that says he closed on the house and that the updated listing in an error. We'll update you when the official purchase price becomes public. Any bets in the meantime?
· 1710 Bagley St []