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Detroit's New Cop Show: Randolph Street Bar To Be Famous?

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Next Sunday, AMC will finally reveal the new filmed-in-Detroit cop drama, Low Winter Sun, to the public. Last weekend the New York Times gushed that Low Winter Sun gives Detroit a leading role, and got all impressed with the cinematic nature of our dilapidated-slash-dramatic environment. ("To call Detroit a shooting set in waiting is disrespectful to the people who still live and struggle here, but its physical aspects are authentically cinematic.") In the same article the executive vice president for original content at AMC called Detroit "the most inherently cinematic city in the country, which is both unfortunate and true." While filming happened all around the city (Klenk street makes an appearance in the pilot), Detroiters devoted to the show are going to need one definitive hang-out to celebrate it (think the diner in Seinfeld, or the cupcake place in Sex in the City). Curbed thinks that the masses will want to hone in on a particular Randolph street bar, just a few doors down from the uber eating complex that is America's biggest Buffalo Wild Wings.

The bar used to film many scenes is The Baltimore, a dive that still seems to allow some degree of indoor smoking (at least last Friday night, as observed by this editor). While there are many more recognizable Detroit icons seen on screen (the facade of the Gold Cash Gold building, the Ren Cen, etc...) fans of tv and movies do best to attach themselves to the drink and food establishments, when it comes to making on-screen locations must-visit hot spots. Low Winter Sun actually used the interior of the David Stott Building as the set of the Detroit police headquarters in the pilot, but you can't hang out there, so we're betting Baltimore is going to be getting the bulk of the fan benefit. Never been but want to be able to recognized the place on screen and in real life? Here's a quick guide:

? This is what it looks like directly across from the Baltimore on Randolph Street. You'll be able to clearly see this facade out the window of the bar in several scenes.

? Over on Randolph street, you may know it as the bar next to "The Well." There's also a back entrance via small parking lot.

? Trivia time! Why does the window of the bar now say, "The International" on it? This 2012 google view shows the window without that lettering, but in scenes from Low Winter Sun, the window letters are definitely there. Were they added just for filming purposes and then left by the bar to make it more recognizable? If you know something, tip us. UPDATE: A tipster claimed that The Baltimore is called The International in the TV show.

? A Foursquare user posted a clear image of signage saying "The International" on the Baltimore's window in October 2012.

There will be nine more episodes of Low Winter Sun to complete the first season. As one of the main characters (girlfriend of a criminal and drug dealer) works at the bar, we're betting we're going to see it several more times. Will there be a definitve bar fight scene? More indoor smoking? A signature LWS-approved drink order? A new Pure Detroit Baltimore bar themed T-shirt? Curbed will keep you posted.

In the meantime, the Free Press reports that the Stott building is out as the set of the police HQ in future episodes. They filmed the rest of those scenes (after moving the entire set) in warehouses near the old Packard plant, thanks to "issues such as parking and the difficulty of faking night for day at the prior location."

Low Winter Sun is on AMC starting Sunday August 11 at 10 pm EST.
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