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It's Going... Going... Ohio Gets Detroit's Petroleum Coke Pile

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[YouTube video from July 27 shows a pretty crazy petcoke cloud blowing around in a storm]

There's some good news today concerning the petroleum coke pile that was hanging out along the Detroit River in recent months. MLIVE reports that the supply is "now dwindling" as it heads out to a site in Ohio. Detroit Bulk Storage, the company responsible for storing the "petcoke", may not be done with coke storage around these parts just yet. They are currently trying to get permits from the city and state that would allow it back here with the help of a "dust mitigation plan." Part of the recent controversy wass kicked up, literally, when gusts of wind began blowing the toxic stuff about. If Detroit Bulk Storage goes get permits for more coke storage, it may not necessarily mean the piles will have to be stored indoors. The petroleum coke was produced by Marathon Petroleum refinery located in Southwest Detroit and notorious for the neighborhood buyout in Oakwood Heights.
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