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Two More Midtown Buildings Show Signs of Development

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Seen signs of development in your neighborhood? Send us a tip! With photos!

? The realtor for this property can't confirm anything yet, but what we do know is that there was a "For Lease" sign for forever and now it is gone. The storefront is just south of the Auburn building on Cass Ave and there has been a crew in there working all week. Looks like something is in the works.
UPDATE: A super smart tipster points out that 4160 Cass Ave. was named as the location for Melt, a new Gelato shop planning to open in the fall. The recent article is in Crain's.

? Yes, you are looking at a fence next to a messy building. That may not look like much, but fencing off a property before starting work is a typical developer move, and we've been hearing rumors for a while that these two buildings on Second Ave just north of Selden were bought last year. This fence has gone up in just the last week.
UPDATE: An anonymous tipster says the park was fenced off by Midtown Inc, which plans to make improvements. Plans for the buildings next door have been discussed at previous Midtown Inc. meetings.