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Hamtramck Landlord Is All " Hey Quicken Employees!"

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On a recent dive into the rental pool that is the rough waters of craigslist, we noticed that most of the downtown listings are claiming to be nearby downtown employer Quicken Loans. Which makes a lot of sense for say, this 1 bedroom corporate suite at the Broderick Tower. It's a little fishy when we're talking a loft in Hamtramck. This 1,000 square foot loft asking $950/month looks decent, but is a good 6 miles (or 1:50 of walking time) from Quicken. "Nearby?" Not quite. Not at all. Listen, Hamtramck landlord, know your market! Your available apartment is by great things, such as The Polish Village cafe, ZamZam , a Bozek's market, the delightfully divey 7 Brothers bar, about 25 delightfully divey other bars.... proximity to that corporate complex is not how to win this one. But kudos on the hardwood floor because a lot of Hamtramck rentals are still stuck on carpet, so you're still ahead of the pack.
· $950 / 1br - 1000ft² - Gorgeous Hamtramck Loft (Hamtramck) [Craigslist]