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Living in Misery Worth About $40, Decides Regency Towers

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You know what they say about horses and getting back on them, right? The Regency Towers Apartments certainly do! Should you not remember the events of three months ago, RegTow resident Steve Neavling accused the building's ownership of facilitating a nightmarish interior of bedbugs, drug dealing, and general stench. One couldn't even find relief outside the building, as garbage and "chunks of raw meat" were scattered about the grounds. At the time, RegTow was offering its hobbit-sized, 373-square-foot studios for $575/month. But no longer! For the trouble of living in a vertical hell, management has chopped the rent down to $535/month. Reasonable, right? We'd tell you to head to the official website for leasing info, but it's currently stuck in an unappetizing void of brown.
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