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The Hults Insures Packard Plant, Is Now Allowed Inside

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The Hults has insured the Packard Plant, meaning he's now officially allowed to enter (but not alter) the ruined complex. We shudder to imagine what kind of rates one pays to insure 40 acres of burning factory space in Detroit. (Can you imagine a Dean Winters Allstate commercial at the Packard?) Regardless, the only thing between Hults and Packard Paradise (opening his own coffee shop) is getting Wayne County that $1M he promised. Once the purchase is official, Hults promises he'll be out at the plant with his posse of armed guards, "cutting down the trees and picking up debris."
· Chicago developer insures Packard Plant in preparation for sale [Det News]

Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

E Grand Blvd & Concord St. , Detroit, MI