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In Corktown, Restored Home on Leverette Asks $1,100/Month

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[This post authored by Christian Salcedo]

The good folks at St. Peter's Church are hoping to rent a historic house in Corktown, on Leverette and Trumbull. The interior has been fully restored with new drywall, plumbing and electrical while preserving the original architecture and charm. Those desirable details include some original leaded glass windows, an original fireplace and a pair of pocket doors that will melt your heart (if I'm the only one who gets all mushy about these things, so be it, I'm not afraid to put it out there).

The views really up the cool factor here. All three bedrooms have a view of Michigan Central Station or the Downtown skyline, unless you are in the rearmost room, where you will have a view of both. There is one bathroom on each level with a formal dining room and a couple of living room spaces.

Big house, cool views, charming architecture and walking distance from some of Corktown's favorite bars and restaurants for $1,100/month. What's the catch? Well, the house sits on a lot adjacent to the Manna Community Meal soup kitchen, so if you were hoping to avoid any reminders of Detroit's high food insecurity and homelessness rates, this is not the place for you. But if that doesn't sound like a catch (or better yet, if you're interested in getting involved and helping out one of the many organizations working here), this house could be a perfect fit. For a chance to view the home contact Lydia at