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New Office Tower Replaces 2008's Garish "Cadillac Centre"

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[Rendering via Architectural Record]

Designs for the Monroe block's proposed office tower have yet to be unveiled. In the meantime, it's worth reminiscing over the development once green-lighted for that exact same spot. Behold! Cadillac Centre, a $150M residential, retail, and entertainment complex meant to give our once-sleepy downtown a "creative jolt." Scheduled to begin construction in 2008, Cadillac Center was to contain two 24-story apartment towers perched atop a 12-story pile of retail, movie theaters, restaurants, and a parking deck.

Whether you love or hate the design, it's probably best that it was nipped in the bud by the Great Recession. The developer, a company called the Northern Group, turned out to be one of Detroit's worst landlords, losing control of the Penobscot, First National, and Cadillac Tower in the following years under a hail of lawsuits and unpaid debt.
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