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Revealed: Downtown Detroit's New 16-Story Office Tower

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Behold! Here is one rendering of your new office tower. We're still waiting on more, but remember that a parking deck of 1,000 spaces is hiding on this property somewhere, so we're confident this is the building's sexiest angle. Now, because this is downtown's first major new construction since One Kennedy Square in 2005, we're temporarily withholding opinion in favor of yours.

Some pre-voting facts:

· Meridian Health, already based in Detroit, is expected to rent the whole building. Some of their employees will actually be moving from One Kennedy Center on the other side of Campus Martius.
· According to Crain's, Meridian is leasing all 320,000 square feet of office space. Even if that square footage doesn't include common areas, that means this building isn't especially large. For comparison, the Chase Tower (ugh, Qube) across Campus Martius is 505,000 square feet with two fewer stories.
· The parking deck on the building's other side is to be 9 stories tall. That matches the giant Compuware lot across the street.
· The ground floor is retail, adding several storefronts directly to Campus Martius.

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