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Bikram Yoga Studio Renovates Former Warehouse Space

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Midtown's spree of new businesses continues with Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit, which recently opened after months of renovating.. You'll find the new studio on the ground floor of 55 W. Canfield, the residential loft building created out of a 1922 warehouse. As you might expect, the 3,800-square-foot space has some great windows and the classic loft vibe. By our count, Bikram is Midtown's third yoga studio to open since the summer of 2012. But it's definitely not more of the same.

The studio's name, Bikram, is also the type of yoga it teaches. Sometimes called 'hot yoga,' Bikram is yoga practiced in sweltering temps of 105 degrees and beyond. The inferno is created with infrared lights installed throughout the studio. Plentiful locker space and a changing room in which to ditch sweaty clothing is provided. Expect the official grand opening to be announced sometime in October.
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