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Downtown Detroit Repopulates, Offers "Tiny Spot of Hope"

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Mapmaker Stephen Von Worley's "growth rings" project shows how populations shifted within urban areas, using census data from 2000-2010. Blue areas are increasing in population density, while red regions are emptying out. In a country still trending towards suburban sprawl, one of the most defiant examples of a resurgent urban core is Detroit. Surrounded by a deep sea of red, Detroit's greater downtown area managed to increase its density. Downtown areas in some of the nation's biggest cities saw similar trends, but Detroit's occurred during a decade in which the city lost a quarter of its overall population. Keep in mind, this data ends in 2010. If the map were created today, it's likely that downtown would be a much more solid patch of blue.
· Detroit Is a Bright Spot on the Map of Urban Outflux [Wired]