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Demo in Midtown? Two Buildings Gain Worrisome Fences

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It's Autumn in Detroit, and perhaps the dropping temps have reminded the city's property owners of all the building smashing they'd like to accomplish before it gets too nippy. Let's head to Midtown, where two buildings near Cass and Alexandrine are now sporting "death fences," the tall, rentable barriers often erected shortly before destruction begins. We tried and failed to get ahold of anyone at the city who can confirm that demolition is nigh (if you do, kindly let us know) but it's hard to imagine what else could be going on here. Check out what buildings—and history—may soon be gone.

3956 Cass Avenue

Wrapping around the southeast corner of Cass and Alexandrine, this building is sort of an odd strip mall of very tiny-looking units. Built in 1922, the building got this ugly, wooden facade on top of the original brick at some point after 1976, when the above photo was taken.
Having sold in May for just $80K, the current owner is listed only as "Vacant." This would seem like a good candidate for renovation and the location is great. Why demo?

100-110 W. Alexandrine Street

The former HQ for the Children's Center of Wayne, awnings and a couple overgrown Maples make it hard to grasp the footprint of this property, which is really two attached buildings. The taller one was built in 1931, and a historic survey tells us the building was home to the Detroit Ball Bearing Company by 1950. That's when they built the single-story addition next door, which housed sales and distribution.