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Mayor Bing Kicks Off Brewster-Douglass Demo TODAY

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Last Fall, Mayor Bing called everyone out to the Brewster-Douglass Projects. Rocking his coolest hat, he announced that the feds had lined his pockets with millions in demo dollars, and the 18.5-acre collection on brick, windowless buildings would face the wrecking ball as soon as he could get the details sorted out. Ten months later, we're ready. Bing is set to "begin the demolition" with his friend Shaun Donovan (HUD Secretary) at 10:30 a.m. today. Will it begin with a symbolic whack with a sledge hammer? Will Bing drive a bulldozer right through a brick wall? Stay tuned, readers.
· Bing Declares the Brewster-Douglass Projects Dunzo [Curbed]

Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI