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For Sale in Boston-Edison: 7 Homes on the Market Right Now

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Boston-Edison's enchanting homes haven't made an appearance here for a while, so let us take a spin through the listings in one of Detroit's greatest 'hoods. This list isn't exhaustive, but we've made a market sampler platter of the current listing crop, ranging from those needing a total rehab to homes that are move-in ready.

1610 EDISON — $70,000
There's some bad wallpaper and a backyard made entirely of cement, but the more important features of this four bedroom, two bathroom home look good. The plumbing and roof are newish (for a home built in 1915), while perks like french doors and hardwood floors are intact.

821 EDISON — $49,900
Just a few steps from Voigt Park, this humble house represents the more affordable end of Boston-Edison pricing. Despite the boarded-up windows, realtors tell us she's in pretty good shape. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms are within.

2512 W BOSTON — $47,000
This large home is a short sale, but getting through that process nets 3,446 square feet for relatively cheap. You'll find six bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms inside, as well as an attic with potential to be a third floor.

1526 CHICAGO — $99,500
Doesn't sound like any work is needed on this 3,500-square-foot home, where new cabinets and a newish roof/boiler have pushed the price way up. The third floor "great room" sounds intriguing, as do built-in bookshelves with leaded glass.

2545 W BOSTON — $28,000
You know things aren't good when the listing yells "COMPLETE RENOVATION PROJECT" in all caps. Those looking for a challenge actually have a cool-looking interior to work with, but missing radiators are a good sign this home has been scrapped, at least in part.

1716 EDISON — $70,000
Six bedrooms and 2,600 square feet await, but this 94-year-old house apparently needs some work. Considering the high asking price and the fact that it's currently occupied, the "NEEDS TLC" shouldn't mean "needs new plumbing and electrical."

2532 LONGFELLOW — $38,000
"Some modernization may be required by your fussiest buyer," says the listing, which twice includes the sentence "Seller is highly motivated." The low price and urgency had us thinking this one might be behind on taxes, but WDWOT shows nothing amiss. What's going on in there?