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Duggan Plans to Ditch Palmer Woods for Manoogian Mansion

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Now that he's officially mayor, Mike Duggan plans on taking advantage of Detroit's ultimate (legal) mayoral perk: the Manoogian Mansion. According to the Freep, we should expect Duggan's current house—a six-bedroom Greek Revival in Palmer Woods—to hit the market soon. It cost him $428K in 2012.
Even though the Manoogian tends to conjure up images of general excess (thanks, Kwame), the house is just 4,000 square feet—big by most standards, but calling it a mansion might be a stretch. (Admittedly, "Manoogian Large House" doesn't quite have the same ring.) Duggan will lose a third of his living space compared to his old house, though he will gain Kid Rock as a neighbor. We're not yet sure if that's a good thing.
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The Manoogian Mansion

9240 Dwight St, Detroit, MI 48214