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Craft Work's Interior Is Gorgeous; A New Eater 38; More!

Craft Work Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— The first Eater 38 of 2014 is up, and as usual it features the essential Detroit restaurants, with a few representatives from the suburbs thrown in for good measure.

WEST VILLAGE— Craft Work is open, and they did a fantastic job on the interior. Here's a gallery of pictures showcasing what they did (the bar area is particularly well done) and here are bonus photos from behind the scenes of the kitchen hard a work.

MIDTOWN— It was a good week for new places, and Alley Taco in Marcus Market has now opened for business. Check out these photos of their soft opening, and then head over to get some food.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— The Polar Vortex/Arctic Chill/Snowmageddon/Super Cold Weather wreaked havoc on the local restaurant scene, as many places were forced to close for a day or more, cut back their menus, or shorten hours due to the craziness. Fortunately everyone's back to normal (La Feria had to deal with a burst pipe) but take a look at this Snowstorm Closure list and reminisce.