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Brush Park has a Loaded Loft with a Skyline View

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Another ex-ruin porn star will soon have an availability—with a view. Built in 1912 and restored in 2004, The Corola was among Brush Park's earlier condo renovations. Even so, it sure doesn't skimp on the amenities. This one-bedroom has radiant floor heating, its own washer/dryer, a walk-in closet, and a private garage with "lots of storage." That's nice, but you might not need it--there's 1,200 square feet in the apartment alone. Best of all, there's the south-facing view of the Detroit skyline, which is best enjoyed with a beer on the balcony. Rent:$1,500
(Note: Beer is for sale at Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, maybe 30 feet outside the front door.)
· Listing: One bedroom loft in Historic Brush Park [Craigslist]