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This Riverfront Condo Includes a Terrifying Space Shower

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Every so often, listing photos become a small window into a part of someone's life that they probably never intended to share. Like their massaging robot shower, for example. Or, as the realtor so tactfully described it, an "all-in-1-jacuzzi-sauna-hydro massage-shower/tub." Duh. For just $89K, you'll get 1300 E Lafayette's spectacular views of the Detroit River, an updated interior, and a shower with more running lights than the space station. There is, however, one place where this terrifying machine would feel right at home: the Arctic White Condo, just a few blocks upriver.
· Listing: 1300 E Lafayette St #2402 [Trulia]

1300 Lafayette

1300 Lafayette, Detroit, MI