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Unique Loft Available in Underrated Milwaukee Junction

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[Photography by Jim Tumey]

For the most part, real estate developers don't seem too interested in the Milwaukee Junction area quite yet. Sandwiched (in part) between the North End and Art Center, the neighborhood's residential area—home to the Ford Piquette Plant—still retains an old school industrial vibe. And Z's Villa is an excellent neighborhood bar.
Milwaukee Junction has just a small handful of high-end lofts (we're not counting the Kefallinos-owned building on E. Grand), but they certainly match up with their peers across Woodward Avenue. This one has a neat design, carving out an open loft area above the bathroom to connect the living area with the bedroom. The $1,300/month rent is on the expensive end, but the balcony, in-unit laundry, and parking garage (is that an airplane hanger?) certainly add some value.

UPDATE (2/5/14): According to the building owner, the unit has been given new paint, new countertops, and the floor refinished. As of today, it's still available for $1,300/month. Updated photos below.

· Listing: New Center Landsburg Loft [Loft Warehouse]