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West Village Fixer-Upper Has Plenty of Potential For $19K

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This little house in West Village asks just $19K. At 1,087 square feet, it's certainly no mansion. But it does have character, a sweet spot in a great neighborhood, and an extra apartment. Yes, this is a duplex, and it needs some work. Like a mullet, the house is business in the front, party in the back. The larger front unit (which includes the second floor) needs a moderate amount of work before it's livable, but nothing extreme. The smaller unit in back is what needs a complete gut job. Ideally, the buyer could live in front, renovate the back, and eventually rent it out. Or just open the whole thing up. Either way, it's hard to be the price, neighborhood, and proximity to Craft Work.
· 7923 Saint Paul St [Trulia]