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Duggan Rebrands Manoogian, Stealthily Sells Old House

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The Duggan crew is settling into the Manoogian Mansion, a process that's likely more enjoyable knowing that their Palmer Woods mansion has already sold. Yes, it's true. Though it was never listed, Duggan's six-bedroom Georgian Revival was stealthily sold sometime during the last couple weeks, price unknown. That avoids what could've been a lengthy stint on the market full of our pestering requests for a walk-through. Well played, Mr. Mayor.
Over at the Manoogian Mansion, Mayor Duggan is embarking on a bit of rebranding. In an effort to disconnect his new home from its stripper-laden past, the Manoogian is dropping the m-word in favor of something more benign. Detroit's mayoral digs are now known as the Manoogian Residence, which makes sense from PR standpoint and a logical standpoint—the house simply isn't very big. Now can we have a walk-through?
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The Manoogian Mansion

9240 Dwight St, Detroit, MI 48214