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Everything is Walkable From this Swanky Loft on Broadway

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If walkability is your thing, Broadway Street is the best downtown Detroit has to offer. Coffee shops, a brewpub, the YMCA, Small Plates, and several other diversions make Broadway's three total blocks a relatively bustling district. Naturally, a swanky loft in such a location will not be cheap.

The Broadway Lofts are within the Lafer Building, a 1916 beauty known for the blue accents in its exterior terracotta. It was vacant for roughly a decade before restoration as high-end lofts finished up in 2006. The current availability is a good one, with two bedrooms, a couple full bathrooms, and (best of all) that large bank of windows facing Broadway Street. Sadly, the rise of the Z-Lot likely ruined any views once found in the bedroom windows. The rent comes in at $1,600/month—pricy, but favorably comparable to the equally-swanky Lofts at Merchants Row.

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