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Craft Work, Cornerstone Barrel Company, And A People Mover Food Map

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Cornerstone Barrel House Mid-Renovation. Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— Joe Robinson, formerly bartender at Roast and currently of Bailout Productions, spoke to Eater about his company, upcoming events, and his restaurant project in Eastern Market, called Antietam. He's got big plans, and will be someone to watch in the coming year.

WEST VILLAGE— Eater Detroit spoke to Hubert Yaro, owner of Craft Work in West Village, two and a half weeks after opening. He shared his insight on what's going well, what's going to change, and even told us where the name comes from, and yes, Kraft Werk does have something to do with it.

DOWNTOWN— What was once Oslo, a sushi restaurant/club on the corner of Woodward and John R, is soon going to be Cornerstone Barrel House, a sports bar upstairs, cocktail bar/club downstairs. Owner Mike Bowen has big plans for food, using the space, and so much more.

DETROITThe Detroit People Mover is, for better or worse, Detroit's public transit system, and people ask which good restaurants are near each stop all the time. Here is a map of the best restaurants near The People Mover, including the name of each stop.